The Finale Episodes

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Who is Robin Masters?
What happens to the bunch of friends?
Will Alf finally eat the cat?
Will Carrie Ingalls finally stop falling at the series ouverture?
Will anybody tell David Hasselhoff that his song « I was looking for freedom » sucks?
Will Sue Ellen become a Bar owner?
Will Simon and Simon find their Simone and Simone?
Will Alf meet E.T. and have a phone call together? Will the Miami city council see that 2 gigolos were driving a f… Testarossa during their missions? (Freeze! This is Miami Vice!)
Will we know what KITT means?
Will Mr.T. sell his tons of Gold ornaments?
What happens to the WESTERN ELECTRIC/Bell System telephone speaker? And WHO the F… is CHARLIE?!
Will Full House become Empty House?
Will the A-Team fail a plan?Okay… Saved by the bell !!! I was in hot pursuit…If you want to know all the answers please and be I killed me, join us at KYOSK, Central Perk, every Wednesday at 8p.m. .

Trust No One and Cut that jibba jabba!

Your Fantasy…is not over.


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