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Le KYOSK est désormais FERME pour la période automne et hiver ! Par contre, nous comptons organiser des petits évènements pendant la trêve hivernale… Restez connectés. AMOUR&PAIX

KYOSK is CLOSED for the autumn and winter season ! Some small events are to be organized in the closing period… So, stay tuned for further infos. LOVE&PEACE

Lights off

Lights off

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Before we turn the lights off for the winter, we’ll open a last time for a season’s finale drink!

Kitchen is unfortunately closed.


ÄDDI & Merci !

ÄDDI & Merci !

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ÄDDI & Merci

Before everybody goes to hibernate let’s celebrate the last warm sunshines of this fantastic Primavera & Summer Season.

From 12pm till 8pm: Food, Drinks & our beautiful smiles…

Sat. 12th: TBA



Summer is not dead : 21 & 22 Sept.

Summer is not dead : 21 & 22 Sept.

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Summer is not dead!

This Saturday and Sunday:

Barbecue from 12.30pm and all day long!

Sat. 3pm : DJ PAULINSKA from 3pm (Travel on the Beat) – Downtempo music –
Sun. 3pm : DJ RICE KRISPIE – Soul and Rare Groove –

« Pellicule sur herbe » – Séances –

« Pellicule sur herbe » – Séances –

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« Pellicule sur herbe » est une série de films à visionner au KYOSK durant les samedis du mois d’août et septembre.
17.08. Le Grand Bleu (20h)
24.08. Rocky IV (20h)
31.08. Kirchbéier (Festival de la Craft Beer)
07.09. Jaws (19h)
14.09. The good, the bad and the ugly (19h)
21.09. Public Votes (Election on-line – A suivre… ! ) (19h)
28.09. Superman (19h)
The Finale Episodes

The Finale Episodes

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Who is Robin Masters?
What happens to the bunch of friends?
Will Alf finally eat the cat?
Will Carrie Ingalls finally stop falling at the series ouverture?
Will anybody tell David Hasselhoff that his song « I was looking for freedom » sucks?
Will Sue Ellen become a Bar owner?
Will Simon and Simon find their Simone and Simone?
Will Alf meet E.T. and have a phone call together?
Schuebi is Dead

Schuebi is Dead

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Schuebi is Dead!


Barbecue from 12.30pm

DJ DAVKA from 3pm (kinder surprise tunes on vynil)

Bevies all day long

Sun all day long too…


Kirchbéier Craft Beer Festival 2019

Kirchbéier Craft Beer Festival 2019

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This is the 3rd edition of the first Luxembourgish CRAFT BEER festival!!

We had a great time last year seeing happy faces enjoy those tasty brews. Your local gang of craft brewers have invited like minded internationals to show you what they do best!

Let’s enjoy the last bit of summer in that idyllic place with great food and beer!

Pellicule sur herbe : « Le Grand Bleu » – Le Film. – ANNULE –

Pellicule sur herbe : « Le Grand Bleu » – Le Film. – ANNULE –

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A cause des intempéries, la projection du film est ANNULE!
Due to bad weather conditions, the film projection is CANCELLED!
« Pellicule sur herbe » est une série de films à visionner au KYOSK durant les samedis du mois d’août et septembre.
Célébrons le début de la série avec « Le Grand Bleu » ce samedi.
(V.O. sous titres anglais)
Woodstock 1969-2019 (50th Anniversary)

Woodstock 1969-2019 (50th Anniversary)

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50 years ago something big happened on a field at Bethel, New York State.
Let’s celebrate these music, peace and love fusions at kyosk during 3 days. (15, 16 & 17 of August).
We will play the complete songs played at the Festival (some Live at Woodstock)…